The site is a highly fractured rock bluff above the state highway, located 50km north of Wanaka Township on the shores of Lake Wanaka. The bluff is unstable with regular rockfalls onto the highway below. Two areas required treatment including the lower north section which was approximtely 75m long and up to 50m high. Heavy scaling, devegetaion and a mild steel mesh drape was installed on this section. The second area is 25m long and over 50m high bluff. Heavy scaling, drape mesh and installation of a pattern bolted structural high tensile steel wire TECCO mesh was required. This was an extension to the work completed by Geovert in 2002.

The project faced numerous challenges brought about by the combination of complex ground conditions and the difficult access. Installation of the drape mesh and associated anchoring was completed on programme and without issue, however scaling of the main rock face revealed ground conditions far worse than expected by the engineer. Heavy scaling was required to move several large features. A significant increase in the area to be treated with mesh and rock bolts was required.

The road was to be kept open at all times with a maximum of 15 minute closures which had to be monitored very closely as moving around the site knocked boulders loose onto the road. Spotters were effectively used with good radio communications to ensure that safety of the road users was never compromised.