Rio Tinto contacted Geovert after the West Angelas pit suffered a significant high wall failure on the north wall of the Centre Pit North (CEPN). The strike of slip at the CEPN was 150m wide at the top and 270m wide at the toe and the crest was approximately 180m above the pit floor. The overhang remaining from the failure caused mining operations to cease in this section of the pit as the Ore was quarantined beneath due to not being safe to access.

Not wanting to leave such a valuable commodity in the ground Rio Tinto were looking for a safe and innovative engineered methodology to allow mining operations to continue safely and profitably for the mine.

After several detailed risk assessments between Geovert and Rio Tinto, we provided a detailed specification then completed the installation of rockfall protection and slip remediation for the north wall of the CEPN, removing the overhanging Geohazard. Mining operations were once again safe to proceed.