The newly constructed Enlarged Cotter Dam is now the largest roller compacted concrete dam in Australia, standing at approximately 80m high with a crest length of 300m. The new dam has increased the storage capacity from 4 gigalitres to 78 gigalitres, nearly twenty times larger than the old Cotter Dam.

Geovert were selected by the Bulk Water Alliance for the construction of the grout curtain due to the company's strengths in limited access drilling and construction. The curtain was formed under the dams foundations and into the monolith which was approximately 300m long and up to 60m deep into 200MPa Rhyolite.

The GIN Grouting method was specified and controlled using a Jean Lutz CiINAUT 15, a fully automated grout injection control system, ensuring the GIN criteria were met and recorded accurately at each stage of grouting for primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary grout phases.