The extreme proximity of dwellings to the rock walls of the quarry had caused concern with the council regarding the safety of residents. Subsequent geotechnical investigations outlined a series of overhanging blocks and features which were deemed unacceptably hazardous.

Geovert were engaged by the council to conduct scaling of blocks and to install a number of rock bolts to targeted features. Utilising IRATA rope access techniques, Geovert technicians successfully removed over 50 cubic metres of sandstone without causing any damage to the houses and apartment building just 8m from the base of the cutting. Rope access drilling with hand drills and a Marini drill wagon were used to install rock bolts and permanent support to targeted blocks. Using a water mist system, dust was kept to a minimum, ensuring the environmental considerations regarding close proximity to residential dwellings were adequately addressed.

A large sandstone block was identified as needing temporary stabilisation measures prior to removal. Geovert developed a temporary wire cable strapping system to enable technicians to execute a controlled removal and breakup of the 16 tonne sandstone block, located immediately above a timber deck. Utilising a system of recycled car tyres and plywood panelling, the deck was successfully protected during the breakup and removal of the block.