• Inspection NDT

    Inspection NDT

    Geovert conducts a range of inspection services for structural surveys, corrosion protection and coatings as well as NDT on a wide variety of plant and equipment. The NDT is undertaken by VERTEST, a wholly owned NATA accredited subsidiary. Visit and download the Capability PDF for a full list of services.

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  • Roof Anchors

    Roof Anchors

    Geovert work with Safetor Roof Anchors to design, supply, install and certify anchor point for abseiling and fall arrest on commercial builings. We install and certify a range of innovative permanent and tempory anchor systems that allow safe access for building inspections, cleaning and maintenance.

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  • Rope Access

    Rope Access

    Rope Access is a form of work positioning that’s an internationally recognised alternative to traditional methods of access such as scaffolding, EWP’s and cranes. Our experienced and IRATA certifed Rope Access tecnicians use 2 ropes for all work. One rope is the ‘working rope’ the other is a back-up or safety rope. Both are permanently attached to tested anchor points to prevent falls. For hot work, grinding and cutting we have developed additional safety methods as part of our safety procedures that are continually reviewed through detailed risk assessments. Rope Access should not be confused with ‘Work at Heights’ where people can still fall to cause injury.

  • Concrete Repairs

    Concrete Repairs

    The company has extensive experience in completing concrete repairs on structures above water on bridges and wharves, below ground on tail races and penstocks and on high rise dams and building structures. Geovert applies a wide variety of products and works with clients and suppliers to select the best for product your application.

  • Rigging & Heavy Lifting

    Rigging & Heavy Lifting

    Geovert’s roped acccess certified riggers and doggers often work in restricted spaces with limitations on both access, availability and costs for utilising cranes. Considered planning and lateral thinking enable safe lift plans to be developed using advanced rigging techniques for safe decommissioning and installation of new components to our client’s assets with minimal fuss. We’re constantly looking to improve the programme for these works, reducing costs and ensuring the assets are up and running to maximum efficiency.

  • Repairs & Maintenance

    Repairs & Maintenance

    Our multidisciplined teams have experience in mechanical, civil and structural construction for commissioning, fabrication, installation and in the decomissioning of plant. We provide cutting, welding and fitting by experienced boilermakers and coded welders using advanced rigging and rope access techniques, along with traditional methods, for safe and efficient access to the work location.

  • Shutdowns


    To meet the demands of today’s industry, Geovert provides multi-disciplined teams with experience throughout the resources sector undertaking maintenance and construction for shutdowns. Using roped access, large areas of plant are accessed quickly as there is no additional time for erecting and removing scaffolding or other systems, reducing labour requirements. Rope access has led to significant cost savings for our clients with increases in tool time on important activities as the work front is accessed within minutes at the start of shutdowns. This allows more time spent on the tools improving the integrity of the assets through planned and preventative maintenance.

  • Corrosion Management

    Corrosion Management

    As part of our corrosion management and inspection services we provide close visual inspections and application monitoring of coatings and materials through the provision of NACE Accredited inspectors. Using rope access as a primary technique for difficult access locations we also provide the maintenance and improvement services including lagging, blasting and painting through to concrete repairs wth epoxy resins.


  • Drill & Blast

    Drill & Blast

    The company specialises in re-profiling and contouring to reduce natural risks and have successfully used alternatives to blasting in sensitive areas. Our project teams combine geotechnical analysis and design, with technical drilling expertise, to produce optimal results. Geological defects, potential failure mechanisms and rock breakage mechanics are analysed to ensure blast accuracy. Geovert also provides low VOD ‘non explosive’ solutions suitable for residential or environmentally constrained sites - see PDF.

  • Geotechnical Investigation

    Geotechnical Investigation

    The purposes of a geotechnical investigation are to understand and interpret the geologic conditions of a site. At Geovert we have a selection of equipment suitable for restricted and remote access investigation drilling. We have experience installing instrumentation such as extensometers, prisms and TDR’s high up rock faces to piezometers and inclinometers for monitoring works.

  • Post Tensioned Ground Anchors

    Post Tensioned Ground Anchors

    Ground anchors are used for a variety of applications in mining and civil engineering to stabilise natural or cut slopes and to resist uplift and over turning forces acting on structures. Ground anchors are available with a variety of corrosion protection systems which are applicable to any ground conditions, budget and level of acceptable design risk for the project. We can provide: removable ground anchors, load distributive ground anchors, tempory strand and bar anchors, permanent strand and bar anchors, double corrosion protected anchors & tube à manchette post grouted anchors.

  • Design Build

    Design Build

    Design and build solutions for a variety of geotechnical requirements from rockfall protection to post tensioned ground anchors through to retention structures and foundations. We work closely with our clients and consulting engineers to find the best value engineered options available.

  • Restricted Access Drilling

    Restricted Access Drilling

    New or existing structures that require foundation improvement or seismic upgrade with restricted access require specialist plant and engineered solutions. At Geovert we have experienced engineers in this field with limited acccess plant suitable for low headroom, low vibration, narrow spaces or low load bearing ground suitable for injection grouting, installing ground anchors and micro piles up to 400mm. With electric powered rigs we can work safely inside, around or under buildings and foundations in confined spaces capable of working in 2.4m of head room and tracking through conventional doorways.

  • Injection Grouting

    Injection Grouting

    A variety of grouting techniques are used to provide temporary and permanent solutions to geotechnical problems that may be caused by voids, soft ground, settlement and water in-flow. Geovert provides computerised monitoring and control for critical grouting operations capable of storing and recording the key parameters essential for commercial and quality control of the total grouting operation. This ensures Geovert continually delivers a quality driven range of grouting solutions for our clients including; TAM’s, curtain grouting, base grouting for piles, compensation grouting, compaction grouting, permeation grouting, hydro fracture grouting & low mobility void grouting.

  • Rock Bolting

    Rock Bolting

    The stabilisation of rock faces, cuttings and slopes utilises a wide variety of techniques such as the application of rock bolts or dowels. To ensure a practical design and ongoing safety of these slopes and cuttings, a sound knowledge of geological structure, rock mechanics and hydro geology must be applied when selecting the best solution. Rock bolts are used to pin the fractured rock, wedge failures or exposed cuttings, preventing toppling and rotational failure and sliding, buckling and bursting when underground.

  • Rockfall Drape Mesh

    Rockfall Drape Mesh

    When it’s not an economical or practical solution to install rockfall barriers or active anchored slope stabilisation mesh systems, passive protections systems such as mesh drapes are commonly used in conjunctions with scaling. The installation of the wire netting, which is anchored at the top, then rolled over slopes is installed rapidly over large areas to mitigate the effects of the trajectory of small bouncing debris. For drapes to be effective, they are required to have good permanent anchor points at the top to ensure they are not ‘ripped out’ when force is applied to the netting down slope from slides or rockfall, a common problem with many installations.

  • Rockfall Protection Barriers

    Rockfall Protection Barriers

    Geovert leads from experience in this field, offering our clients the comfort of seamless, practical design-build solutions. Our experience is comprehensive in every facet from design and project management, through to specialised construction equipment and techniques required for installation. We have installed a variety of certified protection systems ranging from 100kJ to 8000kJ across a variety of sites protecting dam infrastructure, transport corridors, residential and commercial buildings, and in open pit mines. Many of the sites have required a combination of technical access including helicopters, cranes, EWP’s and roped access for construction and installation.

  • Soil Nailing

    Soil Nailing

    The principal of soil nailing is to provide tensile and shear resistance within the soil by drilling or driving passive steel bar, carbon fibre and mechanical systems in a close grid to form a stable gravity structure. Soil nailing is an adaptable form of slope stabilisation in soil and has developed significantly from early uses as temporary construction support to being used in permanent retaining structures and slope repairs. Geovert’s capability and experience is unrivalled in delivering extensive soil nailing projects utilising high capacity crawler rigs, remote control masts and wagon mounted rigs for restricted access slopes.

  • Shotcrete


    The application of sprayed concrete has a variety of applications and in the field of ground engineering is used for temporary and primary support. Geovert has experience in using sculptured, coloured, reinforced shotcrete in conjunction with other stabilisation methods in open pit mines, quarries, road & rail infrastructure, retaining walls and for a variety of slope stabilisation & rockfall protection projects. We’ve successfully managed the interface between earthworks, drilling and shotcreting on projects, ensuring the best possible sequencing is achieved for the project.

  • Retaining Walls

    Retaining Walls

    Geovert has been involved with the design and construction of a wide variety of retaining walls for infrastructure projects, road slip reinstatements and residential structures. Our crews are experienced in the following: Micro piled anchored walls, timber post and panel walls, reinforced concrete walls & soil nail and shotcrete walls.

  • Drainage Drilling

    Drainage Drilling

    The control of ground water can generally be classified into two categories; groundwater removal and ground water exclusion. We regularly install bored drains, which work under gravity to lower the ground water levels reducing the build up of porewater pressure. Geovert has capacity to install drains several hundred meters deep into rock with powerful drilling plant.

  • Ground Support

    Ground Support

    Geovert provides a variety of ground support techniques during the civil construction of infrastructure development and into operating mines to improve safety or as part of the mining process. This includes the micropiling, retentions structures and ground improvement for development sites, to scaling highwalls, prism and instrumentation installation, cable bolting, rockfall mesh, rockfall barriers and blasting.

  • Active Slope Stabilisation

    Active Slope Stabilisation

    Many different slope treatment systems are available, from basic erosion controls through to serious stabilisation systems that require drilling and anchoring so the mesh can be tensioned into the face to provide surficial support between the anchors. Active slope stabilisation systems are now available that have undergone realistic field-testing in laboratory conditions in order to provide sound engineering proofs and bearings for system dimensioning. Geovert is leading the field in the development of practical solutions that comprehensively consider both cost and system effectiveness.

  • Micropiling


    Where access is restricted or heavy plant used for conventional deep foundation systems is prohibited, foundations may be constructed, underpinned and strengthened using mini piles or micro piles which provide an alternative to traditional methods with minimal vibration and noise pollution. With a diameter between 100 and 400mm they can be constructed with reinforcing cages, permanent liners, circular hollow sections, self drilled micro piles or grouted with a centralised bar achieving high shear, compressive and tensile working loads.